This utility transforms a TEI-encoded file into XHTML and displays it in a Web browser
It handles P5 files (and some P4), but isn't able to render every encoding equally well.


How does TEImatron Work?

  • The HTML form sends a user-supplied or demo TEI file to a PHP script that runs the XML file through the libxml processor and the TEI stylesheets. This process returns an XHTML-formatted file to the PHP script which passes it on to the browser.
  • I have modified the TEI stylesheets slightly to be compatible will the XSLT 1.0 XML processor (libxml 2.7.3) that comes with PHP 5.2.10.

An alternative to TEImatron:

  • If you have a URL that points to your own TEI/XML file, try running it through the W3C Online XSLT 2.0 Service.
    You can use the following URL for the requested "URI for xsl resource":
  • If you do NOT have a URL for your own TEI/XML file, you can use this one as the requested "URI for xml resource":