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 + / - Introduction
The library subscribes to well over 100 online databases to help you find the scholarly content published in books, journals, and other sources. Choose the right database, identify the best search terms, and you will find credible sources for most assignments. Following the search tips below won't make you an expert, but it should give you a good start on your research.

Don't skip the Getting Started section. Everything else builds upon the simple principles it outlines.
 + / - Getting Started
Consult reference sources for context.
  • Find reference sources with facts and summaries to improve your initial searches
  • Use bibliographies from encyclopedia articles to identify key books, articles, and authors related to your topic

Find the right databases.
  • ALEX - Catalogs books, videos, music, and other resources at Hamilton.   All Searches 
  • Quick Search - Searches multiple databases that index journals and books.   Preliminary Searches 
  • Academic Search Premier - Indexes journals across disciplines.   General Searches 
  • Subject Guides - See Best Bets sections for discipline-specific databases.   Advanced Searches 
  • How Do I Find... - news sources, images, statistics, primary sources, and more.   Targeted Searches 

Keep searches simple.
  • Start with a keyword search
  • Enter no more than two or three words connected by the word AND
  • Focus your search by using subject headings
Refine your search.
  • Repeat your search after reading some of the information gathered in the previous step
  • Mine the footnotes of books and articles on your topic for additional sources
Get help.
 + / - Finding Books
Start with:
  • ALEX
    The Hamilton College Library catalog. Search for print and electronic books, journals, videos, and other resources available at Hamilton.

Find more:
  • WorldCat
    Catalog of books, periodicals, videos, and other materials from more than 72,000 libraries worldwide. Most items are available through interlibrary loan and arrive in less than 2 weeks.

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 + / - Finding Journal and Magazine Articles
Start with:
  • Academic Search Premier
    Index of nearly 8,000 scholarly journals and popular magazines in all areas of study. Includes the full text for more than 4,600 titles. Coverage varies by publication.
  • Quick Search
    Searches multiple databases with links to articles, images, books and more. Good starting point for preliminary and interdisciplinary searches.
  • Library Subject Guides - See Best Bets section for discipline-specific databases.

Find more:
    Full text of leading academic journals from the humanities, social sciences, and sciences dating back as far as 1665. Hamilton provides access to ten JSTOR collections with more than 1,200 titles. Journal runs are complete from volume one up to the most recently published issues (past 5 years), which must be accessed elsewhere. Arts & Sciences collections I-IX Life Sciences collection
  • Web of Science
    Index of articles from over 10,000 journals in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanties. In addition to multidisciplinary searches, Web of Science provides tools to track citations to individual articles from their date of publication to the present. Now includes Book Citation Index and Conference Proceedings Citation Index. Coverage: 1984-present.

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 + / - Finding Newspaper Articles
Start with:
  • LexisNexis Academic
    Full text of over 9,000 news, business, and legal sources. Articles for most newspapers date back to the early 1990s. More Info: News - Business - Legal Research - Company Dossier Help: Podcast Tutorials - Wiki - Shepardizing a Case

Find more:

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 + / - Citing Sources
Start with:
  • Research and Documentation Online
    A good place to start. Provides rules and examples for documenting commonly cited resource. Consult the departmental preferences table below if you are not sure which documentation style to follow.

More resources:

  • RefWorks
    Research management tool that generates bibliographies, formats footnotes, and stores information imported from the library's databases and other online resources.

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