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MLA International Bibliography Restricted Resource
Index of books and articles published on modern languages, literatures, folklore, film, and linguistics. Coverage: 1926-present.

Academic Search Premier Restricted Resource
Index of nearly 8,000 scholarly journals and popular magazines in all areas of study. Includes the full text for more than 4,600 titles. Coverage varies by publication.

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Article Databases

ATLA Religion Database Restricted Resource
Index of journal articles, book reviews, and essay collections in all fields of religion. Areas of focus include the Christian Bible, church history, world religions, theology, and ethics. Coverage: 1949-present.

FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals Plus Restricted Resource Some full text available
Indexes hundreds of academic and popular film journals. Also includes the International Index to TV Periodicals, 1979-1998. Coverage: 1972-present.

Historical Abstracts Restricted Resource
Index of journal articles, book reviews, and dissertations on world history (excluding the U.S. and Canada) from 1450 to the present. Coverage: 1954-present.

International Medieval Bibliography Restricted Resource
A multidisciplinary database covering Europe, North Africa and the Near East from 300-1500. Coverage: 1967-present.

note: Limited to 3 simultaneous users.
JSTOR Restricted Resource Some full text available
Full text of leading academic journals from the humanities, social sciences, and sciences dating back as far as 1665. Hamilton provides access to ten JSTOR collections with more than 1,200 titles. Journal runs are complete from volume one up to the most recently published issues (past 5 years), which must be accessed elsewhere.
  • Arts & Sciences collections I-IX
  • Life Sciences collection


Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible
In 1582, the The Douay-Rheims (New Testament) was first printed. Then during the years 1749-1752, the English was revised and footnotes were added by Bishop Richard Challoner. In 1899, the DR Bible was printed by the John Murphy Company. In 1971, it was photographically reproduced from the 1899 printing by Tan Books. This website is an exact copy of the 1971 Tan Books version.


Dictionary of Medieval Civilization
Print Location: REF DB 351 E24 1984

Dictionary of Qurʾānic terms and concepts
Print Location: REF BP133 .M57 1987


Brill's New Pauly: Encyclopedia of the Ancient World
Print Location: REF DE 4 N3913 2002 and REF DE 5 P33213 2006

Dante encyclopedia
Print Location: REF PQ 4333 .D36 2000
Maps and illustrations
The encyclopedia
A chronology of the life of Dante Alighieri
Popes, 33-1334 C.E.
Roman and Holy Roman emperors, 27 B.C.E.-1346 C.E.
Musical settings of the Commedia
Recorded musical settings of the Commedia
Reference works
Index of Italian and Latin proper names in Dante's works
General index.

Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature
Print Location: REF PN 669 E53 2000

Encyclopaedia of the Qurʾān
Print Location: Ref BP133 .E53 2001
v. 1. A-D
v. 2. E-I
v. 3. J-O
v. 4. P-Sh
v. 5. Si-Z
v. 6. Index.


Ancient writers : Greece and Rome
Print Location: REF PA 3002 .A5 1982
v. 1. Homer to Caesar
v. 2. Lucretius to Ammianus Marcellinus.

Cambridge history of early Christian literature Restricted Resource
The writings of the Church Fathers form a distinct body of literature that shaped the early church and built upon the doctrinal foundations of Christianity established within the New Testament. Christian literature in the period c. 100-c. 400 constitutes one of the most influential textual oeuvres of any religion. Written mainly in Greek, Latin and Syriac, Patristic literature emanated from all parts of the early Christian world and helped to extend its boundaries. The History offers a systematic account of that literature and its setting. The work of individual writers in shaping the various genres of Christian literature is considered, alongside three general essays, covering distinct periods in the development of Christian literature, which survey the social, cultural and doctrinal context within which Christian literature arose and was used by Christians.
Cambridge history of later medieval philosophy [electronic resource] : from the rediscovery of Aristotle to the disintegration of scholasticism, 1100-1600 Restricted Resource
Provides a history of the great age of scholasticism from Abelard to the rejection of Aristotelianism in the Renaissance, combining the highest standards of medieval scholarship with a respect for the interests and insights of contemporary philosophers, particularly those working in the analytic tradition.
Cambridge history of philosophy in late antiquity Restricted Resource
Covers the philosophy of 200-800 CE and its place in literature, science, and religion. Includes a digest of all philosophical works known to have been written during the period.
Cambridge Medieval History
Print Location: D 117 .C3
v. 1. The Christian Roman empire and the foundation of the Teutonic kingdoms.
v. 2. The rise of the Saracens and the foundation of the Western empire.
v. 3. Germany and the Western empire. 1922.
v. 4. The Eastern Roman empire (717-1453).
v. 5. Contest of empire and papacy. 1926.
v. 6. Victory of the papacy. 1929.
v. 7. Decline of empire and papacy. 1932
v. 8. The close of the Middle Ages. 1936.

Civilizations of the ancient Near East
Print Location: REF DS 57 .C55 1995
Vol. 1, pt. 1. Ancient Near East in Western thought. pt. 2. The Environment. pt. 3. Population. pt. 4. Social institutions
v. 2. pt. 5. History and culture
v. 3. pt. 6. Economy and trade. pt. 7. Technology and artistic production. pt. 8. Religion and science
v. 4. pt. 9 Language, writing, and literature. pt. 10. Visual and performing arts. pt. 11. Retrospective essays.

Feminist writings from ancient times to the modern world: a global sourcebook and history Restricted Resource
V. 1, pt. 1. Feminist writings, 2350 BCE-1899
v. 2, pt. 2. Feminist writings, 1900-2009.

Oxford Companion to Classical Literature
Print Location: REF PA 31 .H69 1989


IslamiCity: Quran Search
Includes  Word Search, Arabic Phonetic Search, Topic Search, and a Topic Index.

Literary Criticism

Literature Resource Center Restricted Resource Some full text available
Extensive collection of full-text scholarly articles, book reviews, biographical essays, and work overviews. Covers authors and literary topics from all genres, time periods, and regions of the world.

Primary Sources

British Literary Manuscripts Online: Medieval and Renaissance Restricted Resource
565,000 pages of rare manuscripts from the Medieval and Early Modern periods including letters, poems, stories, plays, chronicles, religious writings and commonplace books. These works of 1,000 authors were selected from the collections of the British Library, National Library of Scotland, Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Folger Shakespeare Library. Coverage: 1120-1660.

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The resources listed below can be particularly helpful. The comparative literature department generally follows guidelines from the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. Consult the Hamilton College Library Guide to Citing Sources for other citation style options.

Research and Documentation Online - MLA Style Unrestricted Resource
A good starting place. Provides rules and examples for documenting commonly cited resource using MLA style.

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers Ref Desk LB2369 .G53 2009 Unrestricted Resource
Guide to researching, writing, and documenting sources in English and the humanities.

RefWorks Restricted Resource
Research management tool that generates bibliographies, formats footnotes, and stores information imported from the library's databases and other online resources.

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